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Insurance World of Boynton Beach has been providing the best insurance rates for over 30 years. Our experienced staff is here to give you personal attention to find the coverage that will best suit your needs.


Insurance You Can Trust

Here at Insurance World, we find you the best rates so that you can cover your assets worry-free. Whether you're looking for an individual policy or need full coverage across the board, we have your back.

Auto Insurance

Protect yourself on the road with an auto insurance policy through our best providers. Minimum or full coverage, we will get you the most competitive rates that suit your needs.

Homeowner Insurance

Protect your most valuable investment with a policy through our top rated providers. Our local agents will give you all the knowledge you need to pick the best policy for your home and belongings.

Commercial General Liability

When it comes to your business, no matter how careful you are, you can be sued. Protecting your company with a commercial general liability policy is the best thing you can do for now and the future.

RV Coverage

Hitting the road in an RV is always exciting. We are here to get you the most affordable policy you need to stay worry-free on all of your adventures.

Flood Insurance

South Florida is known for its beautiful landscapes as well as its tropical climate and torrential downpours. Federal Law may require you to get flood insurance depending on where you live. We can help you find the right policy to protect your most valuable assets.

Commercial Vehicle

Need to get your company’s trucks, vans, or other vehicles covered? Our local agents are her to give you customized options when it comes to getting a commercial vehicle insurance policy, no matter what industry you are in.

Motorcycle Insurance

Whether you have a sport bike, cruiser or custom bike, you can turn to us for great rates and coverage. Enjoy the freedom of the open road knowing you are covered under the best policy for you. Start saving on your motorcycle insurance today with Insurance World of Boynton Beach!

Watercraft Insurance

Getting watercraft insurance will cover any watercraft whether it be a fishing boat, sailboat, speed boat or even a personal watercraft such as a jetski. We make it fast and easy to compare quotes and obtain the policy that best meets your needs.

Umbrella Policies

Not sure what an Umbrella Policy covers? You will be covered in the event of any injuries, damage to property, certain lawsuits and some personal liability situations. Umbrella insurance insures you above and beyond the limits of regular policies and covers some situations that aren’t covered by other singular insurance policies.


Insurance World Family

Since 1982, we have been providing the most affordable insurance coverage to our customers from all over South Florida. Our experienced staff is here to give you custom policy options to fit your exact needs. We strive for the highest client satisfaction and to build a relationship with our clients that they can trust. We are committed to our service and professionalism and always aim to exceed our clients’ expectations.