Umbrella Policies

Umbrella Policies to Get You Fully Covered

Many people would be surprised to know that there are certain situations that will not be covered by their typical auto, homeowners, or watercraft insurance. They believe that just having these types of insurance policies will cover them no matter what, and while we do offer the best insurance that meets your needs, there are some cases where an umbrella policy, like our umbrella policies in Boynton Beach, will be necessary.

You are probably asking yourself right about now what exactly is an umbrella policy and what exactly does an umbrella policy cover?

What We Cover

Our umbrella policies in Boynton Beach provides coverage for:

· Injuries,
· Damage to property
· Certain lawsuits
· Some personal liability situations

If you are like most people, then you are probably thinking that you are covered already under your pre-existing insurance policy, and while you are correct that these situations are all covered under typical insurance policies, there are some instances where you may not be covered and may be liable for any damages incurred.

That is where our umbrella policies in Boynton Beach comes in, to insure you above and beyond the limits of your current policies and offer you the additional coverage you may need. Although this may sound like it is an expensive endeavor, getting an umbrella policy is not as costly as you may think.

Why Choose an Umbrella Policy?

Contrary to popular belief, umbrella insurance is not just for wealthy individuals. Considering how common lawsuits are in this country, and the fact that anyone can sue anyone for any reason, having an umbrella policy is a must for every home, auto and watercraft owner. As many Americans, and Floridians in particular, are finding out, you don’t have to be very wealthy to be sued.

Our umbrella policy insurance is used as a way to protect you from lawsuits that may occur and to supplement the basic liability coverage provided by your auto, home or boat insurance policies. Getting extra liability coverage beyond that which is provided in your existing auto, home or boat policy is a great way to ensure that you are covered regardless of what may occur in life. Not to mention that an umbrella policy broadens your coverage so that if you are involved in a lawsuit, you have the security of extra liability protection.

We understand that buying insurance is never something that a person wants to do and because of this, we seek to make the entire process as easy and pleasant as possible. Our experienced and caring agents are here to help you in any way that they can so that you don’t have to worry about what will happen if an accident occurs. Our local agents are standing by now.

Coverage You Can Count On

Getting umbrella policies in Boynton Beach with us means getting personal attention, and a friendly and knowledgeable agent that will help you understand your options. You don’t need to settle for an umbrella policy that doesn’t meet your needs when we can get you the coverage you desire! So give us a call today.

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